CPAs Oppose Marketplace Fairness Act

CPAs across the country are coming out in opposition to the Marketplace Fairness Act. These are the CPAs who represent small businesses and who understand tax laws and audits. If CPAs are strongly opposed to MFA, that should be enough to cause every member of Congress to pause.

The American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants (AAA-CPAs) publicly opposes the Marketplace Fairness Act for a myriad of reasons. In a recent letter to Congress, they stated that the cost of compliance foisted on small businesses will be MORE than the tax revenue generated from the law. The AAA-CPAs state that the MFA will cripple small businesses and overburden the American economy. A few important quotes from their open letter

“Even though the members of the American Association of Attorney-CPAs (AAA-CPA) are some of the most likely professionals to thrive in a world with the increased state tax jurisdictional reach, our members strongly believe that the proposed Marketplace Fairness Act will overburden our national economy and the legislation’s goals could be better achieved by much less burdensome means.”

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